Fresh Start Forms Teaching you how to live debt free...
Life is complicated enough…
           money should be the least of your worries.
Secure your financial future
Our experience with thousands of families struggling with debt and our proprietary software program separates us from the rest of the industry.
We provide a comprehensive approach to helping you achieve the financial security you desire.
Through our consulting practice and our one-on-one coaching we are able to map out a personalized plan to free you from your creditors.
Financial Planning for Homeowners  Financial Planning for Homeowners
We use our 5 Star Plus Plan to get the most efficient use of your resources, minimize your work and maximize your results. Learn more

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Do It Yourself
Do It Yourself
Achieving the financial freedom you and your family deserve is within your reach.
Thousands of case studies have helped develop our Debt Reduction program. This program is designed to put you in control of your financial future.
You can become independent of mortgage brokers, bankruptcy attorneys, debt consolidators and even financial advisors. Learn how to put your future back into your own hands.
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Have Us Help You
Have Us Help You
As a professional, you know your trade and you know how to earn money.
We recognize most career training does not include building and sharpening your money management skills. We teach the essential money management skills that allow you to thrive in your career while your money matters take care of themselves.
We are close by and available for consultation, face-to-face meetings and personal service provided by our in-house professionals.
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Attention all H.S. Students and Parents:

We’ve put together tips, strategies, helpful links and ideas to help high school students and parents with the process of making a college education affordable.

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Learn how to Pay down your debt

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We are a proud member
of the IARFC

National Association of
Certified Credit Counselors

We are a proud Partner
of the Federal Reserve's
Money Smart Week

   Success Stories
Lawyer and teacher find success with Fresh Start Forms:

By using the debt reduction plan, we will save $159,360 and be debt free 18 years and 9 months sooner. I like this! :) :) :)
Truck Driver brings home the savings:

I always thought debt was just a way of life. By using this program I will have my mortgage and all my bills paid off in 9 years and 9 months. I’m even more excited about saving $92,500 in interest payments. With a little extra work, I can probably finish faster.
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