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Do IT Yourself
Do It Yourself
When you get our program, you will learn the system that is helping our clients from across the country to save tens of thousands of dollars. The core of our program focuses on the following points:
  • Breaking the Debt Cycle
  • Learning the B.A.M. Process
  • Using the FSF Debt Reduction Program

  • See the results for yourself:
    Our Strategy vs. No Strategy
    The Debt Cycle
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    The B.A.M. Process
    BREAK the debt cycle with the B.A.M. Process
    The B.A.M. Process breaks you of old unconscious spending habits. In addition, it gives you 3- simple steps for taking back financial control of your life today and forever.

    This process helps you find the money leaks in your budget and lifestyle. You find them, you fix them, and you own the rewards. Your rewards are called B.A.M. dollars.
    Step 1: Budget
    You must be acutely aware of how much money is coming in every month and how much is going out. Most importantly, you need to know where your money is going.
    Step 2: Audit
    An audit is extremely beneficial and vital in gaining your financial independence. We will show you how to find hidden money in your budget by auditing every account you have open.
    Step 3: Monitor
    Monitor your expenses for two weeks. This step will have the greatest impact on your financial future because it changes the way you live everyday.
    Most often a life without the B.A.M. Process is a life without savings. Consequently many Americans rely on credit cards for emergencies. High credit card borrowing might reflect rational post-crisis borrowing as a response to the tragedy. For example, available data suggests that many families use credit cards to meet crisis-level medical expenses.
    Strategy vs. No Strategy

    So many Americans have spent years in school; they have learned how to specialize in their fields and how to make money.
    They have not learned how to spend their money wisely and how to protect their financial future.
    Below is an example to illustrate the difference between using no particular strategy to payoff debt and using the Fresh Start Forms Debt Reduction Program.
    Here are their debts:
    Auto Loan $5,843
    2nd Mortgage $39,630
    Student Loan 2 $16,000
    Student Loan 1 $12,000
    Visa 1 $2,341
    Master Card $1,705
    1st Mortgage @7% $123,530
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    Jack and Jill have a mortgage, two cars, two student loans, 2 credit cards and a second mortgage. Jack & Jill earn a combined income of $65,000 a year.
    If Jack and Jill use the Fresh Start Forms Debt Reduction Program and $1 extra per month, they can be debt free 17 years sooner and would save more than $86,000
    $200,000 in debt + (FSF DRP) + ($1/month) =
    17 years and $338,000 paid out.
    If Jack and Jill do continue to pay on their debts without any particular strategy, it would take them nearly 35 years and more than $425,386 to payoff their initial debt of $200,000.
    $200,000 in debt + (no debt reduction plan) =
    35 years and $425,000 paid out.

    If Jack and Jill used the B.A.M. Process to find $300 per month to use towards debt reduction; Jack and Jill would save more than $123,000 and would be completely debt free in 21 years sooner!
    $200,000 in debt + (FSF DRP) + ($300/month) =
    13 years 7 months and $301,000 paid out.

    A difference of more than $123,000, this is your retirement.
    Don't let the bankers retire with your money. Keep your hard earned money and use it for your future. Start today, ORDER NOW

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       Success Stories
    Stay at home mom finds success:

    My husband and I recently decided that I would leave my job and stay at home with our three girls full-time. Managing our expenses without a second income has been difficult and I had often wondered if we made the right decision. This program has not only showed me how to save money every month, but it has also given us a plan to be completely debt free sooner. Our current 15 year mortgage will be paid off 2.5 years sooner and we’ll be saving more than $7,000.
    Single mom:

    Managing work, babysitters, homework, dinner and the bills has always been a juggling act. So much stress has been lifted from my shoulders, now that I have my debts under control. I am going to save $152,000 using the Fresh Start Forms Debt Reduction Plan and take 17 years and 1 month off of my mortgage.
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