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Financial Consulting
Industry Approach
With experienced Financial Consultants we can guide you through the proper steps of:

  • Estate Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Investment Planning &
  • Income Tax Planning
Our Approach
All of the above systems are essential to a sound financial future, but none is more important than DEBT REDUCTION.
Before you can prepare yourself for anything else in life, you must have your money in order and a plan to get out of debt.
We use our star 5 Star Plus Plan to get the most efficient use of your resources, minimize your work and maximize your results.
    star We establish and define the client-consultant relationship.

    star Next, we determine your personal and financial goals, needs, and priorities.

    star The third step is to analyze and evaluate your financial status based upon the data gathered
         in the second step.

    star Next, we present you with our plan of action to get your financial future back on track.

    star We implement our strategies to your resources to get the maximum benefit of every dollar
         you are already bringing home.

     Lastly, we monitor your technique, your progress and your results.

Consultations are billed at an hourly rate of $95/hr. and are available by appointment only. For more information call: 1-800-718-5328.
If you are interested in learning any of the following, call us today.

  • How to manage and overcome the increase in living expenses
  • How to stop relying on credit cards for emergencies
  • How to find an extra $100-$200 in your budget every month
  • How the lending industry makes money by keeping consumers in debt
  • How to build your own emergency fund for that rainy day
  • How to payoff your house, car, students loans and credit cards in 15 years or less
  • How your own emotions and psychology effect how you consume everyday
  • How bankruptcy, refinancing and consolidation are only “band-aid” fixes to debt
  • How to BREATH, now that you have a plan to attack and pay down your debt

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We are a proud member
of the IARFC

National Association of
Certified Credit Counselors

We are a proud Partner
of the Federal Reserve's
Money Smart Week

   Success Stories
Stay at home mom finds success:

My husband and I recently decided that I would leave my job and stay at home with our three girls full-time. Managing our expenses without a second income has been difficult and I had often wondered if we made the right decision. This program has not only showed me how to save money every month, but it has also given us a plan to be completely debt free sooner. Our current 15 year mortgage will be paid off 2.5 years sooner and we’ll be saving more than $7,000.
Nurse can advance her career:

I have always wanted to get my Masters degree and advance my career. With my student loans and other debts, I never thought I would be able to afford school again. With the FSF-DRP I will be completely debt free in just 3 years and 8 months. I will finally be able to go back to school.
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