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Our seminars are designed to be educational and entertaining. Studies show that we learn better when we are having fun than when we are being lectured to. We use humor, music, videos and everyday examples to teach our fundamentals of financial freedom.
Too many seminars and financial presentations are designed to draw you in with promises of grand results; ultimately leaving you without the details or necessary tools. This technique is popular because it forces the seminar attendee (you) to BUY the details and the tools from the presenters.
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We do not subscribe to this method of seminar teaching. We believe more is better. We put everything we have into our seminars. This is by design to ensure your success. When you leave one of our seminars, you will have immediate steps to take and an action plan that will help you build your financial freedom.
After leaving our seminar you will have the knowledge and the tools to teach your friends and family how to achieve financial freedom.

If you would like for us to speak in your community at your local school, church, social organization or business fill out the online form or call us directly (773) 342-4100.
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   Success Stories
Single mom:

Managing work, babysitters, homework, dinner and the bills has always been a juggling act. So much stress has been lifted from my shoulders, now that I have my debts under control. I am going to save $152,000 using the Fresh Start Forms Debt Reduction Plan and take 17 years and 1 month off of my mortgage.
Truck Driver brings home the savings:

I always thought debt was just a way of life. By using this program I will have my mortgage and all my bills paid off in 9 years and 9 months. I’m even more excited about saving $92,500 in interest payments. With a little extra work, I can probably finish faster.
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